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Saltwater Aquarium Lighting Ideas

Aquarium lighting is specifically called as “Designer Lighting” as it can enhance or mar the beauty of the aquarium. They also contribute to keep your fishes healthy and long life span. The species require almost 12 hours of consistent light for keeping the environment as natural as possible. Along with the aquarium install a timer to help the species get right amount of light.

The experienced users prefer fluorescent lighting for their aquarium as it nears to natural illumination. It has been found the incandescent light is not appropriate especially with halogen lamps as give hot spots in the fish tank with definite damage to sensitive type of fish. The ideal lighting is the one which provides 3 watts of light per gallon water.

Sometimes the changes in the aquarium shall help you to judge the intensity of light required. When it comes to notice that ferns are losing color increase the intensity of light, if the growth of algae is seen in the aquarium lower the intensity of the light.

Now the more innovative type of lighting has come into being installation done inside living rocks, between ferns and gravel that makes the aquarium highly attractive, you cannot take your eyes off it.