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The Proper Salinity

It is always good to have the rich treasure of marine life at our home. Their distinct and vibrant colors, moving with agility make us feel lively and energetic. But to have a saltwater Aquarium is a tedious job with every single factor needs to be taken into consideration to keep the fishes alive.

The first and the foremost factor to be taken into account is the proper salinity of water. While introducing salt and water in the Aquarium one should never forget, water evaporates leaving salt, responsible for variations of salinity in the water tank.

To know and maintain the required salinity hydrometer is very helpful. You can actually get to know the exact track of the salinity and add water or salt to get the right salinity content of the water. The specific gravity measure also helps to maintain the ideal environment for your marine habitats.

The specific gravity can be measured with the help of hydrometer or refractometer. If not you can make use of salinity monitor devices or a portable refractor to ensure accurate results. Record the specific gravity before changing the aquarium water and introduce salt water befitting to the specific gravity of the aquarium. Otherwise improper levels of salt can directly affects the life of the fishes.

Stock up the evaporated water with fresh and not the salt water as water evaporates and not water. Before using a swing-arm hydrometer to check the salinity season it by soaking it in saltwater for complete 24 hours.