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The New Marine Aquarium: Step-By-Step Setup & Stocking Guide by Michael S. Paletta, Edward Kadunc, Scott W. Michael, and John Goodman
The New Marin Aquarium Gone are the days when setting up a saltwater aquarium was a real daunting task. Now with, “The New Marine Aquarium” is referred by the world’s leading reef hobbyists so why not you? The beginners can easily follow the easy Step-By-Step instructions and do away with the pitfalls while setting up.

The colorful pictures of the hardy fishes, and information on live rocks, appropriate equipments, aquascaping, disease prevention and husbandry techniques, all this and many more enclosed in this book for you to explore.

Key features
A complete guide and tips to avoid saltwater setup mistakes
Planning checklist and no-nonsense equipment choices
Low- maintenance high success filtration using live rocks
A Photographic Guide to the best, hardiest fish species for beginners Illustrated step by step start up and aquascaping techniques