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The Inspired Aquarium: Ideas and Instruction for Living with Aquariums
Inspired Aquarium

The authors of this book Jeff Senske  and Mike Senske  consider a aquarium as an living sculpture and strongly  believe  on its placement. As improperly placed aquarium despite being beautiful can be an eyesore.  Before planning to set up an aquarium it is their advice to plan for its placement which will not only give an ambience of being in complete tranquility of sea but also an integral part of home décor.

 This book guides you  to the various aspects of saltwater aquarium like placement cabinetry and millwork , both functional and aesthetic lighting, filtration and life support, decorative element and layout composition ( aquascape )and the most important its maintenance and long term care.

Key features
Most up-to-date ideas for creating innovative and inspiring aquariums
Hundreds of breathtaking full color photos
Assortment of design tips for creating the aquarium befitting to your home décor