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5 in 1 Test Kit for Freshwater Saltwater - 100 Strips

It is not easy to maintain an aquarium as lot many things are required to be done to create a conducive atmosphere for inhabitants.  You need to have combination of filters to ward off the waste products harmful for the marine life.  The Hydrometers are very essential to check the specific gravity of saltwater aquarium.

But the 5 in 1 Test Kit for Freshwater Saltwater – 100 strips VIRBAC CORPORATION is all in one handy product that checks pH, total hardness, alkalinity, nitrite and nitrate in single test. With this product you can do several tests in a single go.

The 100 strips in the pack play the major role. Just dip the strip in the aquarium and a minute later the results are ready to view. Based on the same technology found in medical laboratories, this 5 in 1 test strips cuts your water testing time in half. The pack along with 100 test strips also include water quality guide.