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Salt Water Aquariums

Setting up a salt water aquarium is not a difficult task. To make your work simpler we have made a comprehensive list of equipment that you'll need for setting up the saltwater aquarium.

Tank: For setting up the salt water aquarium it is important to consider tank size. A big size tank helps in smooth movement of fish on the surface.

Stand: The aquarium should be placed on a leveled stand which is capable of holding gravel, filter, heater, fake or real plants for decoration, live rock, test meter etc. It should not be placed under the direct sunlight or in a drafty area.

Filtration system: Install a filtration system that prevents the unhealthy growth of algae and other undesirables. Depending on your budget you may also choose corals or dolomite that helps in buffering the system.

Protein Skimmer: The function of the protein skimmer is the removal of dissolved organic substances from the aquarium prior to their being biologically broken down, producing ammonia and nitrite before being converted into less harmful nitrates.

Substrate: Prior to adding the substrate, rinse it with plain water until the water runs clear, and then add it to the tank. On top of the substrate arrange the decorations.

Salt water: Make the saltwater using good salts like Instant Ocean (IO), IO Reef Crystals, and Cora life.

Fish: The number of fish in tank depends on the size of the tank. Some of the salt water aquarium fish easily available in the market.

Heater: A small reliable heater will keep the tank from cooling too much during winters. A small fan blowing across the top of your tank will avoid overheating during the summer months.

Powerhead: it is important for the movement of the water in form of waves.