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Saltwater Aquarium Live Rocks

The live rocks play major role in maintain saltwater as well as freshwater aquarium. Live rocks in reality are broken pieces from coral reef, the corals are died and their remnants are covered by other living organisms like Coraline algae and sponges. The live rock is actually not alive but the organisms that live inside and on it give it a name as live rock or reef rock.

When in the aquarium it gives an appealing appearance to it with the added advantage of improving the water quality in Saltwater Marine and Reef aquariums. Live rock is the natural home for saltwater reef Fish and very essential factor to keep you reef fish healthy. The bacteria?s that thrive on this rock function as biological filters and keep the salt water aquarium clean.

You need to keep plenty of live rocks to maintain your aquarium. The amount of live rocks required per gallon is 1 1/2 to 2 pounds and to a 30- gallon saltwater aquarium the amount increases to 45 to 60 lbs of Live Rock. This amazing rock should be kept in moderate light and moderate water movement.

You need to provide minerals and nutrients to the rock regularly. There are special additives that supply nutrients to the live rock and also help to highlight its colors. With the proper supply of nutrients the live rock grows and house several living organisms.