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Saltwater Aquarium Heaters

As we know the saltwater fish is a cold-blooded creature that makes it unable for the fish to raise or lower the body temperature to adjust with the varying temperatures. For this reason heaters are introduced in the tanks. These heaters maintain the optimal tank temperature suitable for the water bodies.

The types include glass immersion heaters, under gravel heating and under tank heating placed under the Aquarium.

Glass Immersion Heaters: Are very commonly used and involve glass tube, heating element and ceramic or glass insert in its construction, with few of them contain sand and are submersible. The thermostat in the heater not only turns the heat on but also maintains the required temperature. A single heater is sufficient for a small aquarium but the large one requires more than one heaters.

Under gravel heating: In this type of heater the heating element- flexible heating cable is used which is buried beneath the aquarium substrate. The under gravel heaters are widely used in heavily planted Aquariums.

Under Tank Heating: In under Tank heating, heating mats are used beneath aquaria. But the glass used in this type of heating is not a good conductor of heat and lessens the efficiency of heating element.