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Saltwater Aquarium filtration

Saltwater Aquarium needs special care and more attention as salt water aquariums have more complex ecosystem. Moreover the marine species are more prone to pollution and water chemistry. It is strange but very true that even a small aquarium decoration emitting extremely small amount of dangerous compound is enough to kill the marine species.

To keep the colorful and exotic marine species safe and happy in the saltwater aquarium people use combination of filters namely biological, chemical and mechanical to keep the environment safe and healthy for the marine water bodies. These filters help to maintain a stable environment with low level of soluble waste.

The biological filters are responsible for removing the bacteria caused by the activities of fish and other processes going on inside the tank. The chemical filters are very helpful in keeping the water quality up by removing the chemicals and discoloration of the water very harmful for fish. The mechanical filters remove all the visible materials floating on the water, these filters clean the aquarium off from wastes of the fish, uneaten fish food and other unwanted things at the bottom.

There are several filtration systems available in the stores making it fairly easy to take care of the saltwater aquarium. To name the few there are Biological filters, Protein Skimmer, Canister Filters, Foam and Sponge filters, Under Gravel Filters, Wet/Dry Trickle Filters and various filtration systems like Carbon Filtration, Live Sand Filtration, Live Rock Filtration, Mangrove Plant Filtration and many more.

The biological filter is must for your aquarium while other filters and filtration systems can be chosen keeping in mind various factors and ways to keep the inside atmosphere conducive for these vivacious species.