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Other Saltwater Aquarium Fish

With the new modern equipments the aquarist are now able to keep a variety of aquamarine species in their saltwater aquarium. The different species are categorized as those meant for the beginners and others reserved for those experienced people.

Moreover the saltwater aquarium provides you an opportunity to keep variety of colorful and extremely beautiful fishes which is not possible in the freshwater aquarium. It is advisable to keep sturdier fish when you set up a new aquarium. Only the sturdier marine fishes should be introduced in a new set as they get easily accustomed to new environment. You can start with Damsels, Lionfish, Clownfish, Triggerfish, Marine Angelfish, Butterfly fish and Blennies.

Among them Damsels is the best choice to start with for its sturdier nature. Many experienced Aquarist use this fish as cycling fish for a new aquarium.

Other fishes that can be included in a saltwater aquarium are Surgeons, Wrasses, Sharks, Rays, Rabbitfish, Tangs, Puffers, Pseudochromis, Lionfish, Jaw fish, Hog Fish, Pajama cardinal, Hawkish, Dragonets, Dottybacks, Boxfish, Nudibranch, Bowfin Fish, Pipefish, Eels, Gobies, Groupers ad many more.