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Marineland Instant Ocean Saltwater aquarium Kit

To set up a salt water aquarium require real efforts and time. You need to research and understand even the minute nuisances to avoid any mistakes still some fail to get the desired results and finally give up the idea and trying again.
But instead of getting into this hassles simply opt for the Marineland Instant Ocean Saltwater Aquarium Kit which is well equipped with all the necessary things to set up an aquarium.  Every requirement is safely enclosed in the kit ready to use. The kit includes Product Description 21"W x 11 1/2"D x 17 1/2"H 12 gallon acrylic bow front tank, , filtration, lighting, cartridge, salt, hydrometer, heater, water conditioner, fish food, plants, and instruction booklet.

Key features
All in one kit
Easy to set up the aquarium
Ideal size of the tank for several fish or few big fish
The lid avoids some of the escape artists to come out