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Finding the Best Saltwater Fish

There are myriads of saltwater fish with varied pleasing colors which is the major attraction for the aquarists and hobbyists. Only the color of the saltwater fish drives many people crazy and an urge to have them in their own fish tank. They are found in fluorescent blues, reds, greens, oranges, bright purple and every color a rainbow has.

We do not find such variety and colors in freshwater fish and this are the reason people get carried away with the feeling to have them. Some fishes are meant for the beginners while others are for more experienced people. There are several stores that provide different types of fishes; the stores are well equipped with all the modern amenities to provide you with the healthiest and finest quality fish for your tank.

Most of the stores have beautiful aquariums lined up with innumerable fishes with picture identification tags helpful for customers. You can even search for them online and order for the one you desire to have it. The online stores place the order with great care. For long distance travel the fish is packed in oxygen and an insulated carton.

Nowadays many companies have started breeding grounds (hatcheries) for clownfish, gobies, cardinals and other saltwater fish instead of catching them from the sea. Some of the most exotic saltwater fishes are Surgeons, Basselets, Triggerfish, boxfish/trunkfish, Angels, Butterfly fish, lionfish, squirrel fish, clownfish, Mandarins, damselfish, batfish, wrasses, Blennies, seahorses, filefish. Eels, grouper and many more.