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Complete Idiot's Guide to Saltwater Aquariums
Complete Idiots Guide

It is the experts’ advice for the beginners not to jump directly on saltwater aquarium until and unless you try to set up saltwater Aquarium.  but many have proved this statement false with the help of ‘Complete Idiot Guide to saltwater Aquariums’ written by  Mike  Wickham.

It covers all the information with small side notes with the title “something fishy” on every page   to warn you with the problems you should avoid.  At the end of every chapter  a condensed information  of the previous chapter  is given under the title ‘The least you need to know’.

Key features
Quick and easy guidance on what you buy and how to maintain it
Idiot-proof instructions for getting your marine aquarium up and running
Down-to-earth advice about creating a stable saltwater environment