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Angel Fish for Saltwater Aquarium

Angel fish is the most popular saltwater fish kept in the salt water, for its amazing color and hardy nature. There are around 80 species of angel fish of which 20 are regularly on sale by pet stores and other 40 species are made available from time to time. Before you introduce any species of angel fish, do not expose them to newly set marine tank. Some of them become aggressive when kept with the species of their own kind especially in an enclosed space of home aquarium. But they go well with some of the species like clownfish and wrasses.

Not all species of angel fish are easy to maintain in captivity with exception to yellow tail angel fish, pearl scale angel fish, Queen Angel Fish, Emperor Angel Fish and French Angel fish. When these species grow they change their color and this personality trait makes this fish the most likeable for all aquarists and hobbyists.

The angel fish require variety of foods like romaine lettuce, brine shrimp, shredded shrimps, scallops and krill. They also feed well on prepared and freeze-dried foods.